The Vision for The Worship Arts Team

"There is a dream that is alive and well within my soul. A dream that has been placed within me for His people.

I dream of hundreds, maybe thousands who have been touched by the song that has been planted in my heart.

It is a song of warfare as we fight against the principalities that aim to steal our joy.

It is a song of freedom from guilt, shame, and sin.

It is a song declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has changed the dreadful course of mankind.

I can hear the melody that brings harmony to the body of believers. It unites us as one so no man or beast can conquer us!

I can hear the voices declaring that the battle has already been won inviting us to walk and live in the power of the Holy Spirit!

This is the song and vision sewn within my very being...This is the "song" we sing as a Worship Arts Team to the NAFCON people every Sunday morning!"

We will sing this song until all people have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and have been changed!

Justin Robison
Worship Arts Leader

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Musical Arts

Our worship band and singers lead the congregation every Sunday morning. They practice every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.

The Choir ministers on Sunday mornings along with special music during the holidays. The choir also sings at two local nursing home each month. Practices on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM and Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM. Attendance at both is preferred but not required.

We warmup Sunday mornings at 9:00. If you have any questions or interested in being involved in the choir please contact our Choir Director,Patty Johnson.

Creative Arts

Robin Rosier leads our creative arts team. The team works together every week to enhance the Pastor''s Sunday morning message through visual arts.

Dramatic Arts

We are currently looking for someone to lead this ministry. If you have experience in dramatic arts, please contact Pastor Christy Robison to learn more about this ministry opportunity.

Audio/Visual Arts

This ministry includes Sound, Lighting, Camera and Graphics for our Sunday services.

If you are interested in any worship arts ministry, email Pastor Christy Robison